5 Tips for Supporting a Friend Through an Unplanned Pregnancy

No one ever anticipates an unplanned pregnancy. An unexpected pregnancy might be confusing along the way, but life – though tough at times- is ultimately beautiful. Supporting a friend or someone you love through an unplanned pregnancy can be difficult, but encouraging them through this uncertain time is something they will never forget.  Take Time

Onward Together

How has it been at Choices since the ruling?  This is the question we have received from many of our friends the last several weeks. Right now, as the ground continues to settle, we are navigating what the new reality of being a pregnancy center in a Post-Roe world will look like. Our state’s trigger

Tennessee in a Post-Roe World

On December 1, 2021, I sat in my office listening to live coverage of the Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court case. Was this the case that we have prayed would overturn Roe v. Wade and give abortion rights back to the states?  Since that day, we here at Choices Resource Center have been hopeful and

Baby Showers of Hope

Recently during our parenting class, a volunteer asked a young mom-to-be, “Do you think your mom or your boyfriend’s mom will host your baby shower?” The young woman’s countenance fell as she replied, “I won’t be getting a baby shower. There’s no one to give me one.” My heart shattered—memories of the multiple baby showers

Your Connection To Ukraine

Several months ago I sat in on a Zoom call with a new friend from Ukraine. I had only met her a few months before at Choices’ annual banquet, but her connection with Choices Resource Center runs deep. What many partners of the ministry may not know is that every month, Choices gives a portion

See Her

Recently I was reading the testimony of a former abortion worker. Like most in that industry, she had an abortion years before. She took the position at her local clinic to help women. However, it was not long before she only cared about the money they brought in. She said, “I stopped seeing the women

2021 in Review

During 2021, Choices Resource Center: Opened its doors for 1,450 hours Answered more than 1,400 calls, texts, and emails 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Served over 500 clients and their families Administered more than 240 pregnancy tests Performed over 200 ultrasound exams Conducted more than 240 STD tests Provided diapers, wipes, clothes,

How Online Marketing is Saving Lives

Tuesday morning at 3:30 am an email came across my inbox. It was generated from our Google ad. A young woman found us while searching for information about abortion. She filled out the form online requesting an appointment. The form asked about her current situation. I just had a baby and I’m pregnant again. I