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When a woman comes to Choices Resource Center, she is often in crisis because being pregnant probably wasn’t in her plans—at least not at the moment. Often she feels scared and alone and believes abortion is her only option. We believe God is the giver of life, and it is our proper position as His people to help this woman and her partner through their crisis.

For women to feel supported and choose LIFE for their baby, we work together to help them see a path forward by providing a plan so that they can either choose to parent or choose parents for their baby. We do this by removing obstacles—sometimes through emotional and material support.

Did you know most women choose abortion because they either don’t have the finances to raise a child, their partner isn’t supportive, or both? They feel trapped by life circumstances and don’t think they have another option.

Your investment makes all the difference. We welcome your support as a volunteer, through material donations, Church Ambassador, or by financial gifts. Everyone has a place at Choices to make a difference in a woman’s story. Will you join us today?

Want to help a parent directly? Visit our Walmart Registry!


If you’re interested in volunteering your time, please contact us to learn more about available opportunities. We will do our best to match your skills and interests with tasks that help us fulfill our mission. All volunteer contributions, no matter how small or large, are greatly appreciated!

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Church Ambassador

Choices Resource Center considers itself simply an arm of the church. If you would like your church to get involved with Choices then you can become a Church Ambassador! This team works closely with our Choices Advancement Director helping communicate and promote the ministry of Choices to your local church.

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